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Furniture inspired by nature and art

We are convinced that all stages of development should be well-weighted up to twists and turns and should be hand-made by dedicated craftsmen.(apakšvirsraksts/uzsvars/bold

For more than 10 years, we, the team of VitWine Furniture, are the developers of furniture as practical pieces of art, who make sure your premises are decorated by high-grade, unique and beautiful furniture.

Any furniture created by us is a piece of art, combining a practical approach and an aesthetic pleasure. We rhapsodize over any wine cabinet we have developed, which assigns a new atmosphere to your room and, when the most practical cabinet reflects refinement and originality. We are looking forward to giving you a sense of joy, because our job is delight from creation till fulfilling your dreams.

“ Citāts.We have a special sense of fulfillment, when you include the furniture created by us in the list of your most valuable items.”




Telefona numurs:LV (+371) 26 743 271


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Tелефон:  LV(+371) 26 743 271
Tелефон: Контакты в Германии: Jürgen F. Müller (+49) 176 22215731

Э-почта:  info [at]

Факс:  (+371) 63026459

Skype: vitwinefurniture

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Phone number:LV (+371) 26 743 271


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