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Wine Cabinet xl8

The big xl 8 wine cabinet made of natural oak can put in more than 200 bottles of wine. The design of the xl 8 wine cabinet is developed by arranging the diamond shaped and vertical type racks in the rhythm of chess, creating an explicitly decorative solution for storing wine.

Materiāli: natural oak treated with linseed oil
Ietilpība: 224 bottles of wine of standard dimensions
Izmēri: 190 x 192 x 30 cm
Cena: 850 EUR
The wine cabinets of the product line by the VitWine design are made in the period of 3 – 5 days. The price does not include the delivery costs, VAT and customs fees, if the goods are delivered outside the EU. The delivery costs are calculated depending on dimensions of the order and the delivery address.


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Tелефон:  LV(+371) 26 743 271
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Phone number:LV (+371) 26 743 271


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