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Wine furniture for restaurant

In the premises of former art gallery in Tallinn, Estonia there was developing ​​a wine restaurant. Special wine furniture for restaurant owners ordered directly from us, because VitWine is the only specialized wine furniture manufacturer in the Baltic States. For the new restaurant Alter Ego VitWine made ​​a number of built-in wine cabinets, taking into account special needs of this restaurant, calculating the quantity of wine cabinets and racks for wine.

Alter Ego is now one of the most popular wine restaurants in Tallinn, which is inspired by Spanish culture, offers exquisite Mediterranean menu, and the best South wines in the front of visitors are exposed in nice VitWine wine cabinets and shelves.


Telefona numurs:LV (+371) 26 743 271


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Tелефон:  LV(+371) 26 743 271
Tелефон: Контакты в Германии: Jürgen F. Müller (+49) 176 22215731

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Phone number:LV (+371) 26 743 271


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